An instructional design approach to updating an online course curriculum einfamilienhaus planen online dating

19-Dec-2017 12:05

To distinguish the two, Stephen Downes proposed the terms "c MOOC" and "x MOOC".

c MOOCs are based on principles from connectivist pedagogy indicating that material should be aggregated (rather than pre-selected), remixable, re-purposable, and feeding forward (i.e.

Harvard joined the group, renamed ed X, that spring, and University of California, Berkeley joined in the summer.

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sequential updating of conditional probabilities on directed graphical structures

Typically fewer than five percent of the students would complete a course.Alongside the development of these open courses, other E-learning platforms emerged — such as Khan Academy, Peer-to-Peer University (P2PU), Udemy, and ALISON — which are viewed as similar to MOOCs and work outside the university system or emphasize individual self-paced lessons.