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Olaf Trygvasson dies following his defeat by Sweyn Forkbeard.

London, Little Brown, 2008.) 992AD: Vikings, Ethelred assembles all English ships at London and tries to trap Vikings at sea. 32ff.) 991AD: Vikings, England, A major warfleet of 93 Viking ships arrives in Thames estuary commanded by Olaf Tryggvason (Anlaf), earlier a "Baltic pirate" who aspires to the throne of Norway. (Runciman, The First Crusade.) Might such a suggestion later involve the Church in military adventurism?From notions of The Peace of God reigning in Western society, which was supported by William the Conqueror by 1042, arose an idea that "he who slays a Christian sheds the blood of Christ".In sum, the later response of the Papacy was to direct the obviously aggressive tendencies of Christians into warfare against the Heathen, when Moslem power could spring into France from Spain, when Moslem civilisation was often seen as superior to Western ways, when Arabic shipping or piracy made Western trade insecure in the Mediterranean.See: Early documents of English history at (URL may now be defunct): Circa 1000AD: Chinese perfect gunpowder and begin to use it in warfare.

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(It is not true that the Chinese never used gunpowder for military purposes.) Circa 1008-1020AD: Japanese court lady Murasaki Shikibu writes the famous novel, Tale of Genji.If you value the information posted here, and the projects of these websites in general, you may like to consider making a donation to help reduce our production costs? Options include: paying via Pay Pal which this website uses - Ed 900-1100AD: Medieval warm interval with improved farming conditions.