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29-Dec-2017 16:19

It’s important to ask your partner, though, whether there are any situations in which you shouldn’t correct misgendering.If your partner hasn’t come out at work, for example, or if their family relations are so fraught they’d rather just let the misgendering slide, you should follow your partner’s lead on how to proceed. Don’t ask about surgery or sex organs unless things are clearly going in a sexy direction Your partner’s body parts are none of your business unless you are going to touch them (with their permission). Unless your partner tells you first that you are allowed to ask questions about their body, do not ask.

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For example, trans women on hormone therapy who haven’t had genital surgery may not be able to have erections, so you may need to use a dental dam as a barrier for oral sex rather than a condom.

I meant ‘they,’ not ‘she.’” We moved on, and I changed my behavior in response; I haven’t misgendered them since.