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Shroud series, with the first episode of "Ally of the Dolls." Sprite movies were still going strong, with Link's Quest for Ass being a fan favorite.

Pete (Bloody Rage creator) says he was inspired by the Miss Dynamite game I showed him but never finished, so I'll take whatever glory I can get.

When you do so, a space may appear before the "20". Once activated, you will have ,999, 175 in strength, knowledge, and charm, and 99 of all six items and gifts.

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The suicide bomber game drew a lot of hatemail, but we left it up on the site.June The Portal was re-invigorated in June, as we received a lot of great submissions over the summer.Ben Spurgin released a big project of his own, raising the bar for Flash adventure games.However, please don’t lump them in with the Newgrounds clickbait games like Ganguro Girl or another Steam dating sim that recently got some exposure, Sakura Spirit.

While not necessarily taking on the strategy of earlier dating sims like the Tokimeki Memorial series, otome games, as a genre, stick out because they are exclusively catered to ladies of all ages (though, of course, not limited to a female audience).

From lady characters getting shafted in the name of more male exposure (re: Ubi’s ignoring of ’s Evie at E3) to pathetic attempts to silence the ever-growing voice of the female gaming community, there’s a lot of shit to sift through.