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10-Oct-2017 03:33

To fly completely under the radar, choose "Private." That way, the group won't show up in a Facebook search and nobody but members will be able to see it — the group name won't even show up in your profile.Now just click "Create" and — voilà — your family has an online home!Now that photo will be the face of the group, much like the Profile Picture in your personal Facebook account.Another feature worth setting up is a group email address (you'll find this option under "Edit Group").Be sure you understand the privacy settings used to limit who sees what you post online.

Members of the group can post messages, photos and video; leave comments; create events, "like" posts that appeal to them; and have live chat sessions with each participant typing messages back and forth.You create the first part of the address (say "AARPMember" as an example) and Facebook adds "@groups." Now, whenever anyone sends an email to [email protected], the message will appear automatically in every group member's News Feed.