Invalidating list iterator

24-Dec-2017 11:41

This document was published by the HTML Media Extensions Working Group as a Recommendation. This document has been reviewed by 's role in making the Recommendation is to draw attention to the specification and to promote its widespread deployment.

This enhances the functionality and interoperability of the Web.

License/key exchange is controlled by the application, facilitating the development of robust playback applications supporting a range of content decryption and protection technologies.

This specification does not define a content protection or Digital Rights Management system.

Implementers should pay attention to the mitigations for the security and privacy threats and concerns described in this specification.

In particular, the specification requirements for security and privacy cannot be met without knowledge of the security and privacy properties of the Key System and its implementation(s).

Key Systems usually require a block of initialization data containing information about the stream to be decrypted before they can construct a license request message.

For example, "com.example.somesystem.1" and "com.example.somesystem.1_5". Key System providers should keep in mind that these will be used for comparison and discovery, so they should be easy to compare and the structure should remain reasonably simple.

Unless otherwise stated, key refers to a decryption key that can be used to decrypt blocks within media data. A key is associated with the session used to provide it to the CDM.

The format of the initialization data depends upon the type of container, and containers ] provides the mapping from Initialization Data Type string to the specification for each format.

When the user agent encounters Initialization Data in the media data, it provides that Initialization Data to the application in the if it is possible - with a reasonable amount of time and effort - for the referenced entity or set of entities to correlate or associate them without participation of additional entity(ies).Licenses provided to the CDM associate each key with a key ID so the CDM can select the appropriate key when decrypting an encrypted block of media data.