Malaysia love dating site

28-Oct-2017 22:13

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For one, some dating apps come with the perception that they are for “hook ups” rather than to find potential life partners.

“Depending on what someone uses these apps for, the potential for a mismatch of expectations is high.

But while it is becoming more common to look for love online, Malaysian Gen-Yers ironically would rather find their soul mate the old-fashioned way: face-to-face.

Only 7% of Malaysian youths believe that Tinder is the most conducive way of meeting someone new – less than the global average of 12%.

Or so the Truth About Youth (TAY) survey shows, with 53% admitting they do not trust the people they find online.

While some perceive dating apps to be avenues for “one night stands”, most Malaysian Gen Y-ers in the poll actually frown upon such casual encounters.

Overall, three out of 10 users signed up as sugar daddies, of which 10 per cent are in Singapore.But it does not verify if users are single, arguing that it was “merely a niche social networking platform where like-minded consenting adults can connect, meet and develop mutually beneficial relationships”.“Just like Tinder, OKCupid, or, we are unable to restrict memberships to only singles,” she said.Such findings were revealed in a survey conducted among 11,000 youths aged between 16 and 30 across 18 countries by Mc Cann Truth Central, the intelligence unit for global marketing services company Mc Cann Worldgroup.

And while some say love is blind, young Malaysians would rather have their eyes wide open when choosing a new online friend.Many Gen Y-ers are on dating apps, but they still prefer to be swept off their feet in person.