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Entwicklung und Evaluation eines Forschungstrainings für Psychiatrieerfahrene Brütt A, Bernges T, Magaard J, , Sielaff GPSYCHIAT PRAX. Patient involvement in a systematic review: Development and pilot evaluation of a patient workshop Brütt A, Meister R, Bernges T, Moritz S, Härter M, Kriston L, Kühne FZEFQ Z Evidenz Fortbild Qual G. Effects and moderators of exercise on quality of life and physical function in patients with cancer: An individual patient data meta-analysis of 34 RCTs Buffart L, Kalter J, Sweegers M, Courneya K, Newton R, Aaronson N, Jacobsen P, May A, Galvão D, Chinapaw M, Steindorf K, Irwin M, Stuiver M, Hayes S, Griffith K, Lucia A, Mesters I, van Weert E, Knoop H, Goedendorp M, Mutrie N, Daley A, Mc Connachie A, Bohus M, Thorsen L, Schulz K, Short C, James E, Plotnikoff R, Arbane G, Schmidt M, Potthoff K, van Beurden M, Oldenburg H, Sonke G, van Harten W, Garrod R, Schmitz K, Winters-Stone K, Velthuis M, Taaffe D, van Mechelen W, Kersten M, Nollet F, Wenzel J, Wiskemann J, Verdonck-de Leeuw I, Brug JCANCER TREAT REV. Anxiety Disorders in Old Age: Psychiatric Comorbidities, Quality of Life, and Prevalence According to Age, Gender, and Country Canuto A, Weber K, Baertschi M, Andreas S, Volkert J, Dehoust M, Sehner S, Suling A, Wegscheider K, Ausín B, Crawford M, Da Ronch C, Grassi L, Hershkovitz Y, Muñoz M, Quirk A, Rotenstein O, Santos-Olmo A, Shalev A, Strehle J, Wittchen H, Schulz H, Härter MAM J GERIAT PSYCHIAT. Development and pilot-testing of a condition-specific instrument to assess the quality-of-life in children and adolescents born with esophageal atresia Dellenmark-Blom M, Abrahamsson K, Quitmann J, Sommer R, Witt S, Dingemann J, Flieder S, Jönsson L, Gatzinsky V, Bullinger M, Ure B, Dingemann C, Chaplin JDIS ESOPHAGUS. Development and feasibility of the computerized Turkish edition of the Composite International Diagnostic Interview [DIA-X/CIDI version 2.8(TR)]Dingoyan D, Mösko M, Imamoglu Y, von Wolff A, Strehle J, Wittchen H, Schulz H, Koch-Gromus U, Heinz A, Kluge UINT J METH PSYCH RES. Lifetime prevalence of mental disorders among first and second generation individuals with Turkish migration backgrounds in Germany Dingoyan D, Schulz H, Kluge U, Penka S, Vardar A, von Wolff A, Strehle J, Wittchen H, Koch U, Heinz A, Mösko MBMC PSYCHIATRY. Use of the 9-item Shared Decision Making Questionnaire (SDM-Q-9 and SDM-Q-Doc) in intervention studies-A systematic review Doherr H, Christalle E, Kriston L, Härter M, Scholl IPLOS ONE. Investigating the temporal course, relevance and risk factors of fatigue over 5 years: a prospective study among patients receiving allogeneic HSCTEsser P, Kuba K, Mehnert A, Schwinn A, Schirmer L, Schulz-Kindermann F, Kruse M, Koch U, Zander A, Kröger N, Schilling G, Götze H, Scherwath ABONE MARROW TRANSPL. Stability and priority of symptoms and symptom clusters among allogeneic HSCT patients within a 5-year longitudinal study Esser P, Kuba K, Scherwath A, Johansen C, Schwinn A, Schirmer L, Schulz-Kindermann F, Kruse M, Koch U, Zander A, Kröger N, Götze H, Mehnert AJ PAIN SYMPTOM MANAG. Posttraumatic stress disorder symptomatology in the course of allogeneic HSCT: a prospective study Esser P, Kuba K, Scherwath A, Schirmer L, Schulz-Kindermann F, Dinkel A, Balck F, Koch U, Kröger N, Götze H, Mehnert AJ CANCER SURVIV. Utilization of professional psychological care in a large German sample of cancer patients Faller H, Weis J, Koch U, Brähler E, Härter M, Keller M, Schulz H, Wegscheider K, Boehncke A, Hund B, Reuter K, Richard M, Sehner S, Wittchen H, Mehnert APSYCHO-ONCOLOGY. Physical and Psychological Well-Being in Overweight Children Participating in a Long-Term Intervention Based on Judo Practice Geertz W, Dechow A, Pohl E, Zyriax B, Ganschow R, Schulz KAdvances in Physical Education. Measuring the psychosocial dimensions of quality of life in advanced cancer patients: Psychometrics of the German Quality of Life at the End of Life–Cancer–Psychosocial (QUAL-EC-P) Questionnaire Grünke B, Philipp R, Vehling S, Scheffold K, Härter M, Oechsle K, Schulz-Kindermann F, Mehnert A, Lo CJ PAIN SYMPTOM MANAG.

A qualitative study using participant observation of current practice Hahlweg P, Härter M, Nestoriuc Y, Scholl IBMJ OPEN. The long way of implementing patient-centered care and shared decision making in Germany Härter M, Dirmaier J, Scholl I, Donner-Banzhoff N, Dierks M, Eich W, Müller H, Klemperer D, Koch K, Bieber CZEFQ Z Evidenz Fortbild Qual G. The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) and the 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) as screening instruments for depression in patients with cancer Hartung T, Friedrich M, Johansen C, Wittchen H, Faller H, Koch U, Brähler E, Härter M, Keller M, Schulz H, Wegscheider K, Weis J, Mehnert ACANCER-AM CANCER SOC. Perceived stress in first year medical students - associations with personal resources and emotional distress.

Assessing communication skills of medical students in Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE)--A systematic review of rating scales Cömert M, Zill J, Christalle E, Dirmaier J, Härter M, Scholl IPLOS ONE. Integrating patient reported measures as predictive parameters into decisionmaking about palliative chemotherapy: a pilot study Creutzfeldt A, Suling A, Oechsle K, Mehnert A, Atanackovic D, Kripp M, Arnold D, Stein A, Quidde JBMC PALLIAT CARE. Evaluation of Computerized Adaptive Tests (CATs) for longitudinal monitoring of depression, anxiety, and stress reactions Devine J, Fliege H, Kocalevent R, Mierke A, Klapp B, Rose MJ AFFECT DISORDERS. Diagnoseaufklärung, Information und Entscheidung über Behandlungen – Patientenbeteiligung und partizipative Entscheidungsfindung Dirmaier J, Härter M2016. development and process evaluation of an e-mental health Portal Dirmaier J, Tlach L, Liebherz S, Kocalevent R, Sänger S, Härter MINFORM HEALTH SOC CA. Psychometric properties of the newly developed Physician Teaching Self-Efficacy Questionnaire (PTSQ)Dybowski C, Kriston L, Harendza SBMC MED EDUC. Exploring the value and role of integrated supportive science courses in the reformed medical curriculum i MED: a mixed methods study Eisenbarth S, Tilling T, Lueerss E, Meyer J, Sehner S, Guse A, Guse JBMC MED EDUC. Death-related anxiety in patients with advanced cancer: Validation of the German version of the Death and Dying Distress Scale (DADDS-G)Engelmann D, Scheffold K, Friedrich M, Hartung T, Schulz-Kindermann F, Lordick F, Schilling G, Lo C, Rodin G, Mehnert AJ PAIN SYMPTOM MANAG. Quantitative Evaluation of Performance in Interventional Neuroradiology: An Integrated Curriculum Featuring Theoretical and Practical Challenges Ernst M, Kriston L, Romero J, Frölich A, Jansen O, Fiehler J, Buhk JPLOS ONE. Satisfaction with information and unmet information needs in men and women with cancer Faller H, Koch U, Brähler E, Härter M, Keller M, Schulz H, Wegscheider K, Weis J, Boehncke A, Hund B, Reuter K, Richard M, Sehner S, Szalai C, Wittchen H, Mehnert AJ CANCER SURVIV. Perceived need for psychosocial support depending on emotional distress and mental comorbidity in men and women with cancer Faller H, Weis J, Koch U, Brähler E, Härter M, Keller M, Schulz H, Wegscheider K, Boehncke A, Hund B, Reuter K, Richard M, Sehner S, Szalai C, Wittchen H, Mehnert AJ PSYCHOSOM RES. Shared decision-making in oncology - A qualitative analysis of healthcare providers' views on current practice Frerichs W, Hahlweg P, Müller E, Adis C, Scholl IPLOS ONE. Patient Preferences and Shared Decision Making in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders: A Systematic Review of the Literature Friedrichs A, Spies M, Härter M, Buchholz APLOS ONE. Mapping search terms to review goals is essential Geiger F, Clayman M, Scholl I, Liethmann K, Kasper JBMJ QUAL SAF. Psychoneuroimmunologie und Krebs Gold S, Schulz K2016.

Prevalence of mental disorders in elderly people: the European Ment Dis_ICF65 study Andreas S, Schulz H, Volkert J, Dehoust M, Sehner S, Suling A, Ausín B, Canuto A, Crawford M, Da Ronch C, Grassi L, Hershkovitz Y, Muñoz M, Quirk A, Rotenstein O, Santos-Olmo A, Shalev A, Strehle J, Weber K, Wegscheider K, Wittchen H, Härter MBRIT J PSYCHIAT. Trajectories of maternal ante- and postpartum depressive symptoms and their association with child- and mother-related characteristics in a West African birth cohort study Barthel D, Kriston L, Fordjour D, Mohammed Y, Kra-Yao E, Bony Kotchi C, Koffi Armel E, Eberhardt K, Feldt T, Hinz R, Mathurin K, Schoppen S, Bindt C, Ehrhardt SPLOS ONE. Leitlinienempfehlungen und Qualitätsindikatoren bei der invasiven Versorgung der peripheren arteriellen Verschlusskrankheit in Deutschland: IDOMENEO-Studie als Beitrag zur Qualitätsentwicklung und Versorgungsforschung in der Gefäßmedizin Behrendt C, Rieß H, Härter M, Kriston L, Federrath H, Marschall U, Debus EBUNDESGESUNDHEITSBLATT. Measuring family functioning in families with parental cancer: Reliability and validity of the German adaptation of the Family Assessment Device (FAD)Beierlein V, Bultmann J, Möller B, von Klitzing K, Flechtner H, Resch F, Herzog W, Brähler E, Führer D, Romer G, Koch U, Bergelt CJ PSYCHOSOM RES. Beutel M, Tibubos A, Klein E, Schmutzer G, Reiner I, Kocalevent R, Brähler EPLOS ONE. Effectiveness of case management as a cross-sectoral healthcare provision for women with breast cancer Bleich C, Büscher C, Melchior H, Grochocka A, Thorenz A, Schulz H, Koch-Gromus U, Watzke BPSYCHO-ONCOLOGY. Welche Beeinträchtigungen erleben Patienten mit substanzbezogenen Störungen in ihrem Alltag?

Welche Forschungsthemen interessieren von Depression Betroffene? Bernges T, Iden L, Gielen R, Scholl M, Brütt APSYCHIAT PRAX. Childhood adversities and distress - The role of resilience in a representative sample.

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Lehrbuch Versorgungsforschung Systematik - Methodik - Anwendung. A meta-regression analysis Meister R, von Wolff A, Härter M, Nestoriuc Y, Kriston LJ AFFECT DISORDERS. Traumata und Traumafolgestörungen bei unbegleitet geflüchteten Kindern und Jugendlichen Metzner F, Pawils SJugendhilfe. Paternal Risk Factors for Child Maltreatment and Father's Participation in a Primary Prevention Program in Germany Metzner F, Wlodarczyk O, Pawils SJ SOC SERV RES. Predicting the preferences for involvement in medical decision making among patients with mental disorders Michaelis S, Kriston L, Härter M, Watzke B, Schulz H, Melchior HPLOS ONE. Interkulturalität in der gesundheitlichen Versorgung Mösko M, Dingoyan D, Schulz H2017.