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25-Aug-2017 15:32

We've had to have several conversations about sex that I wasn't prepared for at the age of 10.I think good has come out of this as it's opened a discussion that is important to have with your kids but I resent that it wasn't on my terms and that it's happening so soon.I predict she will cry and pull out her hair for a few weeks but I am willing to do this because I feel so strongly that this type of game with a chat feature is not for children.Follow-Up: Six months after shutting down Animal Jam things have improved significantly!

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My daughter was very persuasive with the "There are moderators.This is a highly addictive multiplayer online role playing game. The games are fun and both my 8 and 11 year olds love it.everywhere you go there are new places and it is always being updated.All parents should be warned before bringing this into their lives that their children will prefer this game over eating, sleeping, exercise, and outings, and you will find yourself saying "no Animal Jam" multiple times daily. I truly think its a good game (I even have my own account that I go on sometimes! My daughter has been playing animal jam for over a year and we were happy to find a game that seemed safe and where she could indulged her fascination and love of animals.You cannot believe how the obsessive collecting, scamming and inappropriate chat these kids are encountering on this site could impact a child's behavior!

Don't let your kids play this game or others like it!!!!! Believe me, this trait is not rewarded on the animal jam web site.You can report people who are inappropriate." and I decided to give it a try because she is getting older.