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If you're unfortunate enough to find yourself reading a discussion about literally anything to do with the Patriots on social media, you'll encounter the same debate.

The Patriots are either totally innocent of all charges and subject to a massive conspiracy in an attempt to prevent them from Doing Their Jobs or a totally fraudulent franchise that would have been relegated to the Arena League years ago if it weren't for Belichick's unique ability to cheat his way to multiple championships.

Hines Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers was concerned that the Patriots might have been taping sidelines to gain an advantage during Pittsburgh's prior playoff losses to New England, which is plausible.

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They raised the ceiling on what we believed a professional attack could accomplish, anticipating an offensive future for which they drew up the blueprints.Neutral fans were unquestionably sick of the endless Brady-Manning/Patriots-Colts hype, but that's true of any rivalry that enjoys as much national attention as those two teams did at the time. I don't think there's a need to reiterate in detail what happened as part of the Spygate scandal, given that it was covered at great length for many months in 2007.